It is important to recognize the members of our association and those who work in our profession. This page is dedicated to our awards recipients. A list of our past awards recipients will be listed here soon. 

Click on the link to view the award descriptions. To nominate a member for an award contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include the name, award category and a narrative for your nominee. Nominations are due by October 21st of each calendar year. The awards nomination period for the 2017 Annual Education Conference is open, nominate a co-worker or peer today!

Award Descriptions

Lifetime Achievement 
Wilbur S. Feagan Award 
Ecolab Sanitarian Citation Award 
Special Recognition Award 
President's Award 
Service Awards 
J.E. Edmonson Scholarship 
Hainline Heritage Award - This scholarship was founded and given by the Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation.
Other Awards

The Harold Bengsh Scholarship is currently in the process of building funding. We hold raffles each year to provide a funding account. We hope to begin funding this scholarship as soon as we develop enough funds to maintain an account balance while supporting a yearly scholarship.